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September 20, 2013 Off

Edegra – An Effective Pill to Smash the Problem of ED

By in Men health

Impotence is one of the worst things that can break a sexual life of happy couple. The main reason behind this is blockage of the blood arteries which provides the blood flow to the penile area which are very much essential for men to have an erection. This complication is called as erectile dysfunction or impotence in which men is not able to preserve an erection during sexual stimulation.

However to relieve this condition you can use various medication which are available in market. Edegra is one of them which work in similar manner to other medication. Edegra is oral anti-impotence drug which is available in tablets forms. But it is compulsory for everyone to consume this drug with the prior prescription of doctor. Ordering this drug online would be most pleasant experience of getting this drug at reasonable rates. Edegra online adds passion in your bedroom and make a memorable moment.

Edegra 100mg is manufacture from the active element named as sildenafil citrate. Therefore it is equivalent to branded ones. Sildenafil citrate in edegra works by increasing blood flow into the penile area which results to strong erection during sexual stimulation. For best result this medication should be taken with taken 30 mints before sexual active. Thus after 30 mins this medication helps to gain strong erection which will leave a surprised the expression on the women.