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April 20, 2013 Off

Numerous Healthy benefits of having sex daily

By in Health & Fitness

Benefits of Regular SexGood sex is always enhancing the pleasure of life and makes the strong relationship between the couples. There are numerous health benefits of healthy sex like boosting the immunity system, reduce stress, pail killer, better sleep etc.

Numerous health benefits of Daily sex:-

Enhance the Immunity

There is no doubt that the couples who are indulging in the sex once or twice in a weak will get the better immunity system as compare to other. Regular sex will enhance the level of antibodies in the body, which protect us from the serious diseases.

Heart Feel better

Regular sex between the couples will reduce the chances of heart problems and your heart always feels better. Those couples who are not taking the interest in the sexual acts will face the several hearts problem as compare to others.

Control the stress level

Sexual pleasure always changes the mood by decreasing the stress level. Those couples who are taking the full enjoy of sex will live the less stressful life as compare to others.

Good sex kills the Pain

During the sexual act a Love Hormone is released which is known as Pitocin, which increases endorphins to decreases the pain of head.

Better sex gives you Better sleep

There is no doubt that good sex is linked with the better sleep, it helps you to avoid the stress, reduce the anxiety and develop the feeling of tranquility. These psychological factors will disturb you and create problems to take a good sleep.

Enhance the self Confidence and self esteem

Good sex naturally raises the self confidence and also boosts the self esteem. During the sexual intercourse when your female partner gives you positive response will enhance the self respect.

Burns the calories

We all know that sex is a physical exercise which burns the calories in every single act. Those couples who are participating in the sexual acts regularly will never face the obesity problem as compare to others who don’t.


It helps you to look younger

Frequently sexual acts will improve the blood circulation in the body, which pump the more oxygen to your skin. It helps you to get healthy skin with more glows.

Makes Healthy sperm count

There is no doubt that frequently sex will enhance the sperm quality, which is very good sign to become a father very soon. The production of the sex hormone is always found higher in those persons who are regularly indulging in the sex.



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