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April 17, 2013 Off

Relationship between extra body weight and erectile dysfunction

By in Health & Fitness

Obesity With ImpotenceExtra body weight or obesity has deep relationship with the erection problem. This has been confirmed that the higher rate of the erectile dysfunction directly linked with the obesity. Overweight persons are commonly deal with erection problem due to the lack flow of blood in to the reproductive organ. There is no doubt that obesity is the biggest physical factor to contribute the erectile dysfunction in men.

Relationship between Obesity and impotence  

Good erection is depending upon the high flow of blood in to the sexual organ. To achieve a quality erection is depends upon the healthy arteries which are distributing the blood in to the different organs of the body. Restriction of the blood flow in to the reproductive organ can affect the ability of strong erection. Those persons who included the more saturated fat in their meal and doing the less exercise are mostly suffered with the obesity.

Excessive fat around the stomach region is restricting the blood flow by building the fat on the arteries walls. This excessive fat clogging the arteries and reproductive organ only get very less flow of blood which is not sufficient.

No exercise and excessive fat is not only blocking the arteries but also decrease the level of testosterone hormones in the body. Testosterone hormone is well known as male sex hormone and higher production of this hormones leads to high sexual desire. Most of obese peoples are feeling the low sexual desire due to the lack production of the testosterones hormones in the body.

The conversion rate of the testosterone in to estrogen (female hormones) is extremely higher in the obese peoples in the comparison of healthy persons. The risk factors of hypertension and hearts problems are mostly associated with the obesity. And the medications of hypertension treatment are also contributing the erectile dysfunction in men.

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